May 23, 2024

Lets Take A Look At Your Boring Chest Of Drawers! 7 Interesting Ways To Decorate It

Every family has that one furniture used as a spare to drop all the stinking clothes. Either you will find one such chair or a chest of drawers brought down to its value. So, this blog pictures 7 interesting accessories to deck on the chest of drawers so that you do not use it as a spare furniture anymore. These must own decorative items for home will give more reasons to flaunt your COD at its best. 


The thought of a divine and ideal chest of drawer is incomplete without candles. This is amongst the must-have decorative items for home. Albeit candles are all set to shine bright, you will also find several stylish designs of candles and candle sticks, adding to the glory of it. In fact, fragrance candles are trending these days for its dual purpose. What can be better than a decorative item, that is full of fabulous fragrance at the same time. 

Out of the numerous styles in trend, you can own small candles, candle bowls, and candle jars. The metal candle designs are the show’s stopper today. 


Add a scent of emotion to your chest of drawers with placing some gorgeous figurines. You can go for a majestic idol of deities like Lord Ganesha, or Lord Buddha. This empowerment in the centre of your home will be people’s favourite attraction. 

Search online and you will even find several gorgeous decorative items for home like idols of laughing Buddha, dancing dolls figurine, animal figurine, etc. Play with the sizes, colours and beaute of these. It is worth it!


Fill your favourite corner with ample flowers and vases, because nothing can beat the beauty of these. Transparent ribbed and textured glass vases are among the trendsetters today because you get more options to style it. Make it the minimalist attraction by summing in gorgeous flowers. Lilies, roses, and carnations can be the subtle and sensuous beauty to deck in the vase. In fact, transparent vases even give a loop to highlight inside out. For this, drop in LED lights or accessories like stones or jelly beans. Everything appears to be the best in itself. 

Fruit Bowl

Fruit bowls are underrated when you genuinely have to eat fruits in it. It weighs heavier and prettier when your fruit bowl becomes a part of your decor. If you have got a grand fruit bowl, its time to put it as a part of your decorative item for home. Some of the common trending options today are metal fruit bowls. Metal bowls being a royalty comes in several designs of a big bowl, cylindrical bowl, flat bowl with a stand, etc. If you do not shop for fruits regularly, then deck this bowl with other items you manifest like potpourri, fake fruits and fake flowers. Place it in the centre because this is surely the grandest grandeur on the chest of drawers. 


Frame your best memories on the best accessory that you could think of. Amongst most of the newly launches online, faux leather photo frame is becoming the trailblazer for a reason. It has the most uniquely designed frame and the leather centre holds on the picture tight. Either put a single frame with your family photo or put on a whole collage of picture frames (like the British Queen Elizabeth loved). This will give reasons to stare at your chest of drawers more. 


Platters have their own unique resemblance, making itself as one of the most common decorative items for home. You can make it a super attractive nook with decking uniquely designed platters like a leaf shaped plate, a flower shaped plate, attractive geometrical shapes, etc. These many designs of platters can have everything from one plate to multiple plates. Flaunt your best crockery on your chest of drawers, because it is worth it. 

Goblet Bowl

The decoration of any gorgeous place is incomplete without the presence of a goblet bowl on a chest of drawers. Goblet bowls in metal and glass is one of people’s favourite. This goblet bowl can be a multitasker. Use it as a fruit basket if you get fruits quite often. Make it a candle stand by dropping in some beautiful fragrance candles. Or let it be a gorgeous flower vase with blooming flowers inside out. 

With this, you will find a glorious chest of drawer residing in your home. Its beauty, minimalism and the best space usage will make it one such furniture you should definitely adorn. And, these decorative items for home can be spotted right online at the one-stop shop. Pure Home and Living! This online platform houses countless decoratives to enhance your home interior and make it the best place to be at. This time, the focus is all on the Chest of Drawers. 

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