June 24, 2024

Vital Things to Know Before Going Camping

The U.S has some of the most beautiful places to camp in the entire world. Americans are spoilt for choice when it comes to forests, deserts, or even urban campgrounds to choose from.

From fishing and hunting trips to full-on festival vibes, having a tent and a sleeping bag will give you years of fun and help you make lifelong friends at the same time.

Before going on your next camping trip, be sure to follow these five rules below:

  • lan Your Trip

As fun as last-minute camping trips can be, they aren’t recommended for beginners. To get the most out of your trip – learn to plan it out properly. Call your chosen camping ground in advance and ensure they have space for your gang of outdoor adventurers.

Check the weather forecast, not because it is impossible to camp in the rain – it simply requires different gear. You need to know how long it will take you to travel to the campgrounds – that way; you can leave on time so you aren’t left putting up your tent in the dark.

  • Check Your Gear

Our modern lives are manically busy, which means that we don’t get to go on camping trips as often as we’d like to. That’s not the point here though; the point is that your equipment will likely be stored in your garage, basement, or attic – all places where rodents and insects love to live.

Roll out your tent and sleeping bag and check for holes or damage. The last thing you’ll want after traveling for hours to get there is to discover that your tent is more of a lacy mesh cover. Fish moths can do a massive amount of damage over time, so you need to be vigilant and take care when packing your equipment away after your trip.

  • Buy A Portable Generator

Going camping with a portable generator will completely revolutionize your experience. You’ll never run out of battery or have to navigate your way around in the dark ever again.

A portable generator is more affordable than you might think, especially if you consider how useful it will be – even when you’re not camping!

  • Pack A Waterproof Bag

Camping, particularly near a body of water, will almost always result in wet clothes – whether you mean to swim or not. Keep your other clothes and gear dry by packing a waterproof bag to take along with you.

This simple tip will keep your other clothes clean, dry, and smelling fresh. If your campsite includes an ablution facility, you can also store your facecloth and soap in a waterproof bag to keep it secure in your bag.

  • Protect Your Phone

Buy a protective cover for your phone before you go camping. There are so many options available that are dust, water, and shockproof – so you won’t crack your screen on the first night.

Even if your phone has a level of protection against the elements, adding one more layer of protection can only make things safer.

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