June 24, 2024

How to Choose the Right CBD Vape Juice Strength

Vaping is big business at this point. Just last year, the global vaping market took in more than $20 billion. That figure is expected to exceed $150 billion by decade’s end. Numerous types of electronic cigarettes and vape mods have emerged with different models designed to satisfy the needs and expectations of virtually anyone. More options may enter the mix during the years to come, making for an even broader selection.

Exploring Vape Juices

At the same time, an ever-growing list of vape juices is available. Some are designed to generate a satisfying smoke cloud when paired with the right vape. Others provide the throat hit so many smokers expect from conventional cigarettes. Certain vape juices contain nicotine to appease people’s cravings whereas others are simply laced with different flavors. Of course, CBD-infused vape juices are quickly gaining popularity as well. 

When looking for something in the latter category, be sure to choose a supplier that’s based out of the United Kingdom and backed by a strong, positive reputation. That’ll boost the chances of receiving a high-quality product. Furthermore, finding the right strength of CBD vape juice is crucial. If it’s the wrong strength, it won’t produce the desired results. Consider the following points to help with that portion of the selection process. 

How to Determine CBD Strength

First of all, it’s important to understand how to determine the strength of different CBD vape juices. Some products may appear similar on the surface, but their CBD concentrations may not be the same. Multiple numbers may be listed on the bottle, so this is a confusing situation. One of the easiest ways to sort out the details is by remembering that the overall volume of vape juice in the bottle is measured in milliliters (ml) whereas the amount of CBD in the mix is measured in milligrams (mg). 

Beyond that, compare the milligrams of CBD with the milliliters of the vape juice itself. Higher milliliters with lower milligrams mean the CBD concentration is low, but lower milliliters with higher milligrams indicate a more potent CBD concentration. For example, a 10-milliliter bottle of vape juice with 1,000 milligrams of CBD would deliver a moderate dose. A 100-milliliter bottle with 250 milligrams of CBD would provide a low dose, and a 10-milliliter bottle with, say, 3,000 milligrams of CBD would be considered a higher dose. 

Which Strength Do You Need?

That brings us to the prospect of choosing the right dose. This depends on several factors, including size and weight. Smaller people may not need as much CBD to feel its effects as larger individuals. Those who are new to CBD may want to start off with a lower dose as well until they’re aware of how it will affect them. 

From there, think about the issue being targeted with CBD vape juice. Experts generally recommend lower doses of CBD for tension and insomnia as higher doses can exacerbate these problems rather than alleviate them. People who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety may need higher doses to reduce their symptoms. It’s certainly possible to move up to higher doses if moderate concentrations don’t produce the anticipated effects. 

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