May 23, 2024

Explore Trusted Solutions: 10 Expert-Approved Reverse Phone Lookup Services for 2021


In the digital age, determining who the owner of a mysterious phone number is has become more important. We strongly advise you to investigate the following trustworthy options to assist you in your endeavor: Experts’ top ten picks for reverse phone lookup services in 2021. You may use these services to track down an unknown caller, get rid of annoying telemarketers, and even reconnect with old pals. But which service should you go with?

Which ones have been evaluated and approved by industry professionals? In this thorough guide, we explore the greatest reverse phone search services for 2021, analyzing their features, accuracy, usability, and user reviews. Prepare to enter reverse phone search and empower yourself with the knowledge to make sound decisions.

List of Top 10 Expert-Approved Reverse Phone Lookups:

  1. USPhoneSearch
  2. WhoseNumber
  3. WhoCallMe:
  4. NumLookup
  5. National Cellular Directory
  6. ReversePhoneCheck
  7. TruthFinder
  8. Pipl
  9. BeenVerified:
  10. Instant Checkmate


When searching for people who could be associated with a phone number, free reverse phone lookup tools like USPhoneSearch consults public databases, social media profiles, and messaging applications. It’s great for verifying contact legitimacy or spotting possibly harmful telemarketing. A phone number lookup may reveal much information about a person or business. Individuals and corporations alike may make use of this service.


Reverse phone lookups could be done confidently using USPhoneSearch’s comprehensive landline and mobile phone numbers database. The straightforward layout of this website makes it easy for visitors to look up information on a certain phone number.


The website mainly focuses on American phone numbers. You can find the geographic location of any American phone number on the free phone number directory on USPhoneSearch. This tool may not be helpful if you require data on overseas phone numbers. Some visitors could be put off because they must pay to use even the site’s most essential features, such as search and member profiles.


It might be upsetting to receive repeated unwanted phone calls. Now that the question “Who’s phone number Is It?” has come up, you need to track out the owner of this number right away. Identifying the mystery person might be for your good or out of curiosity. Here’s where a reverse phone number search is handy, providing instant insight into who’s on the other end of the call.


Information such as a person’s name, residence, criminal history, occupation, and relationships may be available via WhoseNumber. The search bar is simple enough that even someone with no prior experience with computers may use it.


WhoseNumber can only serve as a telephone number search engine and directory assistance service. Names, emails, and physical locations cannot be used in a search on this site.


Is a failsafe call platform essential for identifying unknown callers? It’s uncomfortable to be unprepared for calls when they come through. However, there is no need to think about it too much. By entering the number into WhoCallMe’s search bar and clicking the search button, you may immediately find out who is calling you.


WhoCallMe’s rapid processing time means you’ll have answers quickly. You may get all the details you need to recognize who is calling you from this site’s extensive database. You may utilize WhoCallMe’s services whenever you choose since they are available around the clock.


You are responsible for filing a complaint with the Government Trade Commission because WhoCallMe does not always disclose information about the number that has been entered.



NumLookup is a free service that allows you to do a reverse phone search on any number in the United States. By entering the number and selecting the “search” option, you can quickly determine who the owner of a certain phone number is. You may use NumLookup without providing personal information or a credit card. NumLookup is free to download and use for non-commercial purposes.


Every month, over 3,000,000 people use NumLookup to discover who hides behind an anonymous phone number. NumLookup is, without a doubt, the most trustworthy reverse phone lookup service. Cellular and cordless phones, as well as other varieties, are covered.


The service is only compatible with U.S. phone numbers, making it inaccessible to users outside the country. Some individuals may feel uneasy about sharing private information on the internet.

National Cellular Directory:

Privately search the NationalCellularDirectory by entering an individual’s name, cell phone number, or address. You may produce either a standard or premium report depending on your demands.


The NationalCellularDirectory was created to simplify sharing and finding cell phone-related information. While others search for answers, their team of specialists already has the knowledge they need.


The National Cellular Directory does not provide free memberships, but paid subscriptions grant access to unlimited listings and blazing-fast search results. The National Cellular Directory does not provide free registration.


ReversePhoneCheck may provide details such as a caller’s identity, social media accounts, where they are if they have any close relatives or friends, and much more. This website lets you enter popular area codes to search for the term you enter quickly.


ReversePhoneCheck is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for obtaining accurate and up-to-date information on unknown callers.


Users may need more time to look for free alternatives to the platform’s offerings due to the need for a membership fee. Furthermore, only certain phone numbers may be stored in its database, leading to unsatisfactory results for specific queries.


TruthFinder is a website that provides several services, including checking people’s backgrounds. Its goal is to facilitate discovering information on people, such as addresses, phone numbers, and criminal records.


TruthFinder is a web-based resource that offers users various search options and in-depth reports, making it a versatile tool for acquiring data on people.


You should know the risks involved before using TruthFinder. Some of these drawbacks include the website’s dependency on a membership structure and the website’s potential to raise privacy concerns.


Users of Pipl may conduct online identity verification checks and user searches. When users use this service, they can do extensive personal searches and collect a wealth of data about the individuals they are interested in.


Pipl can provide reliable and up-to-date data on individuals since it has a huge database and access to several data sources.


Premium material on the site can only be accessed by paying members, making more in-depth knowledge unavailable to the general public. Users may worry about privacy because their information is publicly available on these sites.


The “Reverse Phone Lookup” feature of TruthFinder helps customers discover the identity of the owner of an unknown number. TruthFinder’s Reverse Number Lookup method has the following advantages and disadvantages:


It has been around for 10 years, making it the longest-running and most trustworthy option for online research. Your identification may be established by verifying your physical location, phone number, and email address. Criminal and legal documents might be available here as well.


There has to be more space for people’s phone numbers, emails, and real addresses on this website’s database. There is an immediate and pressing need to improve the dependability and clarity of the user interface.

Instant Checkmate:

The BBB has awarded Instant Checkmate its highest possible score of A+. You may quickly and easily find the page you’re looking for among the millions of results by putting the number into the search bar. If you want to search this site, just click here. Below, we’ve outlined some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this website.


Make use of this resource to dig further into a person’s past. You may get the answers you need quickly and easily with the help of these numbers.


This section is quite popular since it allows users to submit search keywords based on the significance of their membership. You must sign up as a member if you want a fast or free search.


Several helpful online resources are accessible to anyone wanting to do individual research or assemble contact information. Customers now have easy access to massive databases through these technologies. This allows them to track out the rightful owners, contact them, and get any other information they need. Remember to include the opportunity costs of these services, such as potential privacy and data security risks. Since each platform has its benefits and drawbacks, users should consider their goals and need seriously before making a final decision

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