May 23, 2024

Bets on the exact score

Bets on the exact score are present in the line of each bookmaker. This is a kind of sports betting, when you should guess not only the winner of the match, but also the exact score with which the meeting will end. This is really more difficult than betting on the outcome of the confrontation, so bookmakers offer higher odds. You can place your bet on Mostbet. This type of betting is common in those sports where there is a match score – this is football, tennis, esports. The point is to accurately guess the final score in the match.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sports forecasts (accurate score) attract players starting to bet in bookmakers. This type of betting has its pros and cons.

The advantages include:

  • High odds. In comparison with most other types of bets (on the outcome of the match, total, handicap), the coefficients for the exact score are several times higher. This attracts gamblers. By betting on sports (accurate score), they can earn a lot and quickly, because the odds are rarely less than 3.
  1. Betting on opposite bets. If you find a team that scores little and misses, you will be able to earn money by betting on three different accounts: 0:0, 1:0 and 0:1. Of course, in this case, the guarantee of victory is not 100%, but you will be able to win more compared to how much you will be able to earn by betting on the outcome.

Among the disadvantages of such forecasts, it is necessary to mention:

  1. A few proven strategies. Sports analytics methods are often powerless, the player has to rely on luck.
  2. High margin. Considering how attractive the odds will be for users, bookmakers regularly set the margin an order of magnitude higher than for most other bets.
  3. The factor of chance. It is impossible to predict an autogall or removal from the favorite of the match, anything can really happen in sports.

Depending on the chosen sport, one or another betting strategy is used for the exact score. Let’s take a closer look.

Several strategies are used in football.

  • Strategy for the score 0:0. This is not such a rare score. In almost every round of the national championship, at least one match ends in a goalless draw. If you select a championship where teams rarely score, put poorly motivated opponents on the match, the probability of success of the bet is high.
  1. The strategy of betting on the favorite. The odds of winning a stronger team are always low, but if you guess with which score it will succeed, you can earn a lot more. According to statistics, up to 70% of the victories are won by the favorites dry, which increases the probability of a positive result for the user.
  2. Bet on the exact score at the end of the game. If one of the teams wins with a difference of several goals, then by the end of the match it stops attacking. The opponent will also have less motivation to score, realizing that he is no longer able to win this match. In such a situation, you need to bet on the score that is fixed on the scoreboard by 70-75 minutes.  Use the 1xBet mirror to place bets at any time while watching matches without leaving the display.

Betting on the exact score is often used in tennis. In individual disciplines it is easier to determine the winner than in team sports, besides there are two probable outcomes, since there can be no draw.

  1. Victory 2:0. This strategy is used if the coefficient of success of the favorite is not higher than 1.5, the sportsman in previous matches demonstrating a confident game on the same surface, is in good shape.
  2. A duel between two equal rivals. You can choose the appropriate match in the line, focusing on the coefficients (for the victory of one of the athletes, the values should be within 1.5-1.8), while the final coefficient for the score 2:1 should not exceed 4.5, otherwise the risk is too big.
  3. If you are sure that one of the tennis players will win, place two bets on the score 2:0 and 2:1 in his favor. The probability of success is higher than when betting on one account. The final profit is higher than when betting on the outcome of the match, even after subtracting the lost bet.

Betting on an exact score requires detailed analysis and is often subject to random events, but if you are confident in your choice, you can make good money with this type of betting.

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